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Is canning beer counterintuitive?

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Is canning beers counterintuitive?

So why canned beers? Cans are lighter than glass so transportation would be more economical; that’s a given. Lastly, cans are opaque and block UV from reaching the beer, much better than the notorious green and blue bottles. Beers will still eventually go stale in a can but it would stop it from skunking even if you ever decide to leave your beer under the beating sun. Lastly, recyclability; though non existent in Hong Kong. To have a decent understanding of its environmental impact, we need to look at the whole supply chain. Cans may require less energy to be recycled than glass but is a bigger strain on energy and natural resources when being produced. Your best bet on the greenest pint of beer would still be grabbing one at your favourite taproom; dispensed from a draft system.

So why are bottles still around? A premium perception may sell beers, but bottles also are a must when it comes to bottle conditioning due to its strength. Bottle conditioned beers are still fermenting in bottle and hence are naturally carbonated;

resulting in a finer, silkier texture of carbonation, superior foam retention, more complex flavours, longer shelf life, and better ageing ability than beers that are “force carbonated.”

With carbonation around double it’s “forced carbonated” peers, the silky perlage better lifts flavours from the surface to our nostrils and better tingles our tongue, stimulating our taste buds. Quoting Mosher, “It just makes the beer much more alive, more animated,”

So is canning beer counterintuitive? Brewers are canning beers in bid to keep it fresh, or fresher, but it’s still an uphill battle. Ultimately, it’s up to us outlets to keep the integrity of the beer , canned or bottled, and to serve beer to our customers as its intended by the brewers. We always say treat beers like your dogs, leave them in a cool and ventilated area; and if your can’t relate to that, treat your beer like milk; ship and store it cold always.