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Blue Supreme Hong Kong HK craft beer bar balance yet in depth selection of craft beer; lambic, wild sour and farmhouse ales accompanied by fresh local Hong Kong craft beer.

What's live beers?

Farmhouse ale hong kong craft beer bar blue supreme

Live beers are bottled with live yeast and culture that cause a second fermentation in bottle; a process also known as bottle conditioning. Essentially it’s a live product.

As it re-ferments in bottle, it naturally carbonates the beer, lending to a fine and lively perlage, similar to what you find in champagne (they’re bottle conditioned too!).

Secondly, during fermentation, other than alcohol and carbon dioxide, yeast culture departs aromatic compounds that slowly flavors the beer, allowing more layered and nuanced flavors.

Many of the beers our imported Belgian beers are farmhouse ales and wild sour ales. These beers are fermented with naturally occuring wild yeast (a.k.a brettanomyces) and exhibits funky aromas that inspired tasting notes like barnyard, fresh cut grass and horse blanket.

Lastly, live beers have great age-ability as they are metabolically alive; yeast being oxygen scavengers halts the oxidation process.

Ted Lai