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Live beers and modern American Bistronomy

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To elevate beer.





Live Beers


Bottle conditioned beers are bottled with live yeast and cultures after its primary fermentation, causing a secondary fermentation in bottle; it's a live product. 



What’s special?

Firstly, other than producing carbon dioxide and alcohol during fermentation,  yeast also creates flavour compounds, allowing the taste to evolve over time in bottle. This gives the beer nuances of and layers of flavors . Secondly, due to the production of carbon dioxide, the beer is naturally carbonated; the carbonation is finer, more lively and spritzy allowing the beer to carry full flavors and still be refreshing. Thirdly, yeast are oxygen scavengers, thus preventing oxidation (from oxygen in the neck of the bottle) and prolonging shelf life. Lastly, such brewers mostly propagate their own yeast; these yeast cultures are indigenous to the area and adapt to its environment, making the beers they ferment a true reflection of terroir.





Here at Blue Supreme, our cuisine carries the same complexity and artisanal values as our selection of craft beers.

The kitchen at Blue Supreme showcases new American cuisine weekly, with a limited but constant evolving menu.  The food here pays respect to Chef Leonard's American roots; featuring craftsmanship in a variety of sub ethnic, regional American delights.

"I rarely come across restaurants and gastropubs in Hong Kong that can make the creative effort in surpassing the American stereotypes of burgers-hotdogs-steaks.  I want to serve many overlooked culinary delights found across different regions of the U.S. that are perfect for this beer-centric establishment."

The kitchen at Blue Supreme also pays respect to our local suppliers and small producers in the neighborhood by prioritizing their produce and products first in menu development.