Chef Leonard Cheung was born and raised in California before moving to Hong Kong and New York to finish his education.  Leonard’s career in the kitchen started at the age of 15, knowing from a young age that he can make an impact in the culinary, pastry, and hospitality industry.

Prior to attending the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Leonard had already spent time in 3 Michelin starred kitchens in Hong Kong, such as Bo Innovation and Otto e Mezzo Bombana.  While he was in New York, Leonard apprenticed in notable restaurants including The NoMad, Eleven Madison Park and Cafe Boulud. During his apprenticeships, Leonard gained a deep appreciation towards the standards of the kitchens inside notable restaurants.

Shortly after honing his craft throughout various intensive environments, Leonard traveled throughout the United States to elevate his understanding of the complexities within new American cuisine-- from the soulful bites of the Lowcountry region in South Carolina, to the historic delights of New England, and back to the ripeness of his roots in Californian cuisine.  

The menu at Blue Supreme aims to show Hong Kong diners of the excitement of modern American bistronomy that chef Leonard has to offer.

modern american bistronomy

"My cuisine is heavily influenced by the seasonality of produce and fruits in Hong Kong.  As much as I love seafood, poultry and meat, I prioritize vegetables as the star component of every dish.  This was the golden standard throughout my training across the United States, and I wish to introduce what New American cuisine is to Hong Kong.  

I'll be honest, this is my first attempt in creating dishes that can fit a casual and relaxed environment, as opposed to my fine dining background.  I want to create a casual, but elaborate, style of cooking that is approachable to everyone.  

We make an effort to create food at an exceptionally reasonable price point as well, considering how much labor and finesse that my kitchen team has put into every dish.  

I'm honestly very bad at explaining my style of cooking, and the type of food we serve at Blue Supreme, so please come in and let the food at Blue Supreme describe itself." 

-- Chef Leonard