Live and bottle conditioned craft beer

Farmhouse ales, lambic and wild sour craft beer hong kong

At Blue Supreme, we specialise in live and bottle conditioned craft beers; beers that are of spontaneous or mixed fermentation such as saisons, lambics, farmhouse ales and mixed fermentation sour ales.

 At Blue Supreme, we import a unique selection of bottle conditioned craft beer in Hong Kong from Belgium and USA, consisting of lambics, oude gueuzes, wild sour ales and farmhouse ales to conplement hop centric beers like pale ales and india pale ale freshly sourced locally.

Live craft beers.

Live beers are bottled with live yeast and culture that causes a second fermentation in bottle; a process also known as bottle conditioning. Essentially it’s a live product.

The bottle conditioning process gives more nuanced flavours, lively carbonation and age-ability.

At Blue Supreme, we import an unique selection of lambic, wild sours and farmhouse ales from Belgium to compliment hop-centric craft beers such as pale ales and India pale ales sourced fresh locally.